Pelosi: ‘Lower voting age to include kids who think Tide pod challenge is a good idea’

The Democratic party is all over the board with regard to voting with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recommending we get rid of women’s suffrage altogether and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi now demanding we open federal voting up to voters as young as 16.

“It’s time we give a voice to the population of humans who thinks the Tide pod challenge was a good idea! They must have the vote!” Pelosi said.

Critics say the plan is just a ploy to increase the number of democratic voters since Donald Trump has cut off the influx of undocumented immigrants who tend to vote for Democratic candidates.

“You have a largely ignorant, risky population who responds to government freebies and idiotic social media challenges,” political analyst Simpson Teller said. “Of course Rep. Pelosi wants them to cast a vote and shape the government of the United States.”

“I think it makes total sense to have reckless idiots helping to determine the course or history in our country. They’re old enough to drive, they’re old enough to steer the government.”