Petition to change name of ‘White House’ to ‘Black Lives Matter House’

America is finally waking up to its systemic racism by calling out all the white racists and making them wear offensive blackface to cover up their even more offensive white skin, we are getting somewhere.

But changing your profile pic to a black field and DC Mayor Bowser painting “Black Lives Matter” on the street leading to the White House isn’t going to be a strong enough virtue signal. We need a much more drastic virtue signal if we’re going to change the world.

That’s why we are demanding the federal government officially change the name of the White House to the Black Lives Matters House.

It doesn’t have to be painted a different color (yet), but we need to change the name. Let’s spend millions of dollars changing what we call something so that people know we’re serious about helping people.

We are also considering another petition to limit all music played in the new BLM House to hip hop or R&B.

[srs_total_visitors] have signed. Let’s get to 100,000!