Sidney Powell shocks Thanksgiving guests by serving 700 pounds of fried sea monster

ATLANTA—Attorney Sidney Powell shocked her Thanksgiving guests on Thursday by serving 700 pounds of fried sea monster instead of the typical turkey and stuffing.

“She’s been talking a lot about ‘releasing the Kraken’,” one of Powell’s guests Jerome said, “but we thought it was metaphorical and not literal. Guess I’m never going to doubt her again.”

Instead of stuffing, Powell used a seasoned swamp jetsam, which complemented the squid nicely.

Powell, who worked on the Mike Flynn case, is also working on the case of widespread election fraud in Michigan and Georgia.

The 104 page complaint alleges massive fraud in Georgia and Michigan.

“We knew the kraken had come down to Georgia, but we didn’t know that we were going to have to eat it and only it for Thanksgiving!” one guest said.


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