STUDY: Panic over COVID-19 has killed more people than the virus itself

Something unusual is going on with the talking heads these days regarding COVID-19. We understand that people on these so-called task forces must prepare for a worst-case scenario. We want them to.

The question we must all ask ourselves is what is the likelihood that a worst-case scenario will indeed happen here in the US. The answer? Vanishingly small. Why? Because in places where there has been extensive testing, like NYC, almost 50% of cases are coming back positive. OMG, OMG. Time to panic right now. Do it. We’ll wait………..

However, before you commit Hari-Kari you need to ask yourself how do these Corona-positive people feel? The answer. They all have mild flu-like symptoms and some have a cold. Period. How many have needed hospitalization? Almost none.

Here’s the problem in a nutshell. Once you put a person on TV they are obliged to have a worst-case scenario mindset. It may be subconscious but it is 100% real. They think they are helping but in reality, they cause more panic. In a way, it’s not really their fault, it’s just human nature.

GT’s recommendation? Turn the TV off. Get a book. Fiction preferably, and find a shady area. If not, you’re gonna lose your freakin’ mind, panic and go out looking for a Japanese Samurai Sword upon which to fall. And the stock market? *^*%*%^&*……………….