In abundance of caution, local teen cancels cleaning her room for one month amid outbreak

People are getting serious about coronavirus by closing everything and postponing everything else. Local teen, Abigail Martin has decided that there is too much risk in cleaning her room so she has officially postponed cleaning it for one month during the outbreak.

A statement left on her door read:

“In an abundance of caution, we felt it necessary to cancel cleaning my room for one month amid the coronavirus outbreak. We hope you understand.”

Abigail was seen hanging out with a few friends after the announcement was posted.

“There’s just too much risk. We don’t know what diseases are lurking under all those clothes and stuff,” Abigail said. “Like, the CDC said to socially distance. I need to socially distance myself from that mess.”

All of her friends agreed.

“And I’m definitely going to need my same allowance and maybe even more cash to get me through this,” Abigail added.