AOC: If socialism is so bad, why did over 100 million people sacrifice their lives for it in the 20th century?

Deep Thoughts by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

If recent trends over the past few years are any indication, it’s that socialism is extremely popular in America these days – and for good reason. Our capitalist, colonialist and racist institutions are failing us rapidly, exacerbating inequality and systemic racism in our society, and leading us ever closer to the abyss. Americans are beginning to quickly realize that the only effective solution to our problems is to dismantle our current institutions, and replace them with a full-blown socialist utopia.

Regrettably, our efforts have met stiff resistance from those who claim that socialism “has never worked before.” I find that laughable, if not a tad bit absurd. Socialism has never worked before? Is this a joke? Their argument is so easy to debunk it shouldn’t even merit a response, but in the interest of the public, I’ll explain my response in such a way so that even those greedy capitalist pigs will understand it.

I believe the most reliable way to measure the successes of any economic system is to consider how many of its adherents sacrificed themselves for their cause, and then compare that with other economic systems. The numbers here are objective, clear and undisputed: over 100 million people have sacrificed themselves for socialism over the previous century, whereas it’s about 6 people for capitalism. That makes socialism the undisputed champion of economics. See – it was that easy.

Now ask yourself: If socialism is so bad, why did over 100 million people sacrifice their lives for it in the 20th century? You and I both know the answer to this – these people sincerely believed in the cause of socialism and were willing to die for it. That’s what we call dedication and selflessness.

That’s why I fight capitalism by using only lowercase letters. You should too.

If my arguments still haven’t brought you into the socialist fold, you probably failed economics in school – because if you truly understood economics, you’d be a socialist.


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