BREAKING: Hillary Clinton ‘seriously thinking about’ losing to Trump again in 2020

Hillary Clinton said that she was, “seriously thinking about,” losing to Trump again in 2020.

After a fall in the polls by front runner Joe Biden and a fall in health by Bernie Sanders, Hillary sees an opportunity to be the nominee to get utterly destroyed at the ballot in 2020.

“It’s time that we had our first female back to back loser to Donald Trump,” Hillary supporter Veronika Wells said. “If you don’t nominate Hillary to lose again to Donald Trump, you’re sexist.”

Critics are claiming that despite Hillary’s clear unlikeability, she doesn’t have enough intersectional value to win in 2020.

The same polls that predicted the Hillary Clinton would win in 2016 are showing that she would win again in 2020, which indicates that she would indeed be the first women ever to lose two presidential elections, a great honor.


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