BREAKING: Several people actually still believe what Anthony Fauci says

US—In a shocking poll conducted by the Pew Pew Research Center, it appears that several people—maybe upwards of 150 across the US still believe what Anthony Fauci says.

This comes after the latest episode in which the leading US health official contradicted his previous statements concerning COVID-19.

After emphatically denying that the disease could have come from a lab, just days ago, Fauci admitted that it may very well have come from a lab in Wuhan, China.

He has contradicted himself on masks, the vaccine, masks after being vaccinated, the severity of the disease, the best treatment of the disease, and now the origin of the disease. Fauci also explained one of his contradictions by saying that he had to lie about the helpfulness of masks because he didn’t want a shortage of masks for people who needed them.

Shockingly, there are people who still believe Fauci. It is being reported that they are all part of the Branch Covidian sect.