Fauci blames Trump for Fauci saying we don’t have to worry about coronavirus in January

Every day this Fauci guy kicks our President in the groin and keeps on smiling at the camera as if he were an innocent bystander and victim of this entire pandemic.

Every day he tells us that if it were up to him he would keep this country on lockdown until “the curve goes down to zero”. No more cases. No hospitalizations. 0.00% mortality. A.k.a., never.

Every day it is becoming more evident he is a Deep State Bureaucrat who despises Trump and would do anything to get him out of office.

So today he lets us know that all the delays, ‘at the highest levels of Govt.’ killed people. Hey Tony, you work at the highest levels of Gov’t! Hey Tony, where the hell were you in January and February?

Oh yeah, here you were, explaining that coronavirus wasn’t going to be a problem in the US:

Hey Tony, it’s you who wants ‘all the data‘ before taking a dump. So Tony, did Trump have ‘all the data‘ in Jan. and Feb.?

If I see this guy one more time I’m gonna lose my s^*t. Who’s with me?


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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