Fauci declares ‘I am science’ as he launches new COVID Inquisition Panel

WASHINGTON, DC—Grand Science Wizard Saint Anthony Fauci has declared what everyone in the mainstream media has known for a while: Fauci = science.

He made the declaration while announcing the new COVID Inquisition Panel he will lead.

Fauci’s first goal in the Inquisition is to determine who dared to question his ever-changing dictates that he labeled definitive science. This will be known as The COVID Edict.

Warrants have already been issued for several doctors such as Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, who practices family medicine with mostly ultra-Orthodox Jewish patients near Orange County, New York, Dr. Rosy E. Joseph, a nephrologist in Hackensack, New Jersey, and Hillel Isseroff, an internist in Brooklyn, New York. Joel Rubin of Woodbury, New York, a patient of Dr. Zelenko is also wanted for spreading rumors of he and his father being cured.

Democratic state Rep. Karen Whitsett, has not only violated the COVID Edict, has also violated the Feminist Edict that requires all women and those who identify as women to hate Orange Man and the YouAintBlack Vice Executive Order decreed by Joe Biden which requires all African Americans to vote Democrat. Whitsett will be mailed at least three Democrat ballots plus an additional number of ballots depending on a judgement from a human rights racial diversity commission.

Even those not directly effected by the virus that Communist China had nothing to do with, can still be detained for violating the COVID Edict. The entire staff at PragerU are to be arrested for pushing a video promoting Hydroxychloroquine and ignoring the bans from Ministry of Truth Director Joseph Goebells Zuckerberg. You can Report anyone violating the COVID Edict to the Vaccine Czar Anthony Fauci by calling 1-900-VAX-NATE.


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