How to Get Over Hesitance of Giving Your Kids Deadly Drugs to Prevent Diseases that Don’t Harm them

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We at Genesius Times care about your health. But we care about our bottom line more. That’s why we’re offering this official guide to overcoming your hesitance in giving your kids deadly drugs to protect them from diseases that don’t harm them, brought to you by Pfizer who has paid us $4 billion.

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Are you wary of vaccinating your child for COVID-19?

I was once too.

I asked myself, did I trust big pharma before all of this went down? 

I remembered the answer was no. 

No preceded by an expletive. 

No like you’re shouting at a dog… that just ate your cat. 

No as in no farther than I could throw them if I was a t-rex that had been dead for sixty five million years and was now part of a polyethylene glycol nanoparticle, which is the petrochemical envelope designed to allow a bioengineered nucleotide chain clandestine entry into our cells.

And I asked myself, what’s changed since then in terms of how pharma operates, and I thought basically nothing- except they’re bound by less legal liability than ever before.

These companies couldn’t be bothered not to maim customers even when the medical bills were on them. 

Thinking they’d taken any pains for our enduring health in this process with no incentive was like expecting Lucy to steady a football, or buying that Jeff Epstein waited for two guards and a couple cameras to fall asleep before hanging himself from the bottom bunk of a jail bed like a kamikaze pedophile ninja…

What if we were making a mistake?

It just didn’t seem like there’d be much of a do-over.

It was already clear that the vaccines didn’t stop transmission… 

…and by the start of the school year, COVID rates had actually increased several times over in comparative months in every state in America relative to what they’d been prior to the push,  with staggering spikes showing an alarming tendency to occur in places more vaccinated than the US.

I was especially concerned about the lack of long term testing, considering the novelty of the  technology, and we’d done things to the genetic code like swapped out all the uridine nucleotides for methyl-pseudouridine, which is something that’s never seen in nature.I was assured by the press that even though there had been no long term studies, these drugs were well-researched. But they seemed to downplay that that research was the reason there hadn’t been substantial human studies. Citing the hazardous history that had hindered research in humans as a substitute for it was the most brazenly unscientific spin I’d ever heard.

These drugs had been marring test subjects throughout the stark majority of that time, and as a pharmaceutical company, you don’t just put that kind of thing into the public unless you have total legal coverage.

Well we have. And we’d like you to enlist your child to participate in this experiment.

The truth is you can’t just have your kid roaming through life without his Pfizer shot, like some sort of wild animal… 

…like one of the wild animals who was fortunate enough not to have been in one of the aforementioned studies.

Why not you say? Because of our upcoming mandates.

You may think you should pause and ask why? Stop. What are we doing? Why are we experimenting on our kids?

That kind of questioning, and open discourse itself, is incompatible with science. All of the great scientists would have said that. Like, uh… Genghis Khan.

Survivors said that the waters of the Tigris ran black with ink from the enormous quantities of books flung into the river and red from the blood of the scientists and philosophers killed.

Science can flourish only in an atmosphere of free speech.

However, in the dubious event that medical authorities are downplaying exactly the kinds of things you’d expect from spike protein inundation and conspicuous phenomena like VAERS reports exceeding the number previously submitted for all 70 vaccines for the last 30 years combined..

So, clearly, you shouldn’t be hesitant about injecting a deadly drug into your kids in order to protect them from a disease that doesn’t harm them! This is SCIENCE people.


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