Local woman cleans TV with anti-virus wipe; instantly kills CNN, MSNBC, ABC

A local woman was shocked at how effective her anti-virus cleaning wipes are. With just one wipe, she was able to kill several viruses living in her television.

“I wiped the flat screen down along with all my kitchen surfaces and I was shocked at how well it worked,” Lindsay Wilkenson of Grand Rapids, MI said. “Not only are we safe from coronavirus, but now we can’t get CNN, MSNBC, or ABC in the house at all. The anti-virus wipe killed them too!”

Studies show that mainstream media have infected millions in the United States alone and have lead to the deaths of an estimated 75,000 this year alone.

“It’s just scary to think that these viruses can invade your home and infect you right here in your living room,” Wilkenson said. “I’m just glad the scientists are working on these products to help us win the battle against deadly viruses.”

“People think you can only catch diseases from the gas station pump or from people coughing in your face, but the television can be just as dirty and contagious,” Dr. Obi Wan of the Hoth Health Institute said. “These anti-virus wipes are literally a life saver.”