Macron caught fiddling as Paris burns to the ground

French President Emmanuel Macron was caught playing his fiddle as reports came in that Notre Dame Cathedral was burning.

Much of the French capital has been consumed in flames in recent months as attacks on Christian churches and yellow-vest protests of French government have turned violent.

“The fiddle is such a soothing instrument,” Macron said in a whimsical voice. “Wouldn’t you say?”

Just as he began his second diddy, the spire of Notre Dame Cathedral collapsed.

Some as saying that playing the fiddle as his country is burning isn’t the appropriate thing to do. “I theenk that the Prezedent eez doing nothing while eez country—my country—ezz turning to, how you say, the sheet!” Parisian Henri LeBlanc said.

But Macron disagrees.

“This is what my people need. Not houses or churches or safety. Music!” he declared and danced away through the smoke.

Authorities have said that the Notre Dame fire was an accident despite the coincidence of ten other church fires throughout the country this year.


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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