People who demanded more government for months appalled when they actually get it

Millions of people who have spent the last few months begging for more government to protect them from coronavirus have become appalled when the actually get it to stop them from rioting.

Billy Buttkis of the Louisville Antifa chapter had been begging for government to shut down businesses, arrest protesters, and impose martial law during the COVID-19 scare, but now that martial law has been imposed to crack down on his protests, he’s furious.

“We were willing to lick boots all day long during COVID-19,” Buttkis said, “but I can’t believe what’s going on now. It’s a dystopian nightmare.”

Protests have erupted around the country after unarmed George Floyd was videotaped being killed by a police officer in Minneapolis. Masked Antifa instigators have turned several protests into riots and looting.

In Washington DC, police began issuing warnings, spaced three minutes apart. On the third warning, they charged at the protestors, issuing close-range teargas, rubber bullets, and flash grenades. Protestors were undeterred, moving back but continuing to demonstrate.

Every few minutes, the police began methodically charging the protestors, grabbing whoever they could, and arresting them. Point-blank shots of deterrents were lobbed into the crowd constantly. This continued with the support of D.C Metro police on horseback, who were also charging the protest line.

“We’re totally cool with tyranny,” Buttkis said of authoritarian police force, “but only to protect us from a bad cold, not to protect businesses and innocent people from rioters!”


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