St. Louis man dismayed to learn that he’s actually a Russian bot

Jerry Franklin was just going about his morning as usual, sipping his coffee, checking email, correcting people on the Internet, when out of the blue he was told that he was a Russian bot.

After he challenged a young man in a Facebook group to come up with one racist thing that President Donald Trump has said, the man told him, “You are literally a Russian bot. Good bye.”

At first, Franklin didn’t understand. He asked what a Russian bot was, to which the stranger replied, “Only a Russian bot would ask. #science”

After doing some research, Franklin learned that he was a specially-developed Russian artificial intelligence program designed to create confusion in American society through disagreement.

Russians spent nearly a thousand dollars last election cycle and nearly collapsed American society.

This revelation caused much consternation for Franklin and he decided to quit Facebook and dedicate the rest of his life to finding his “off” button.