Nation relieved to learn the horrific racist mass shooting was actually just a false flag by the Deep State

Millions we’re horrified by the blatant racism of a lone gunman shooting up an El Paso Walmart targeting Latino Americans and killing over 20.

But as evidence came out that there were four gunmen all dressed in black and working in a coordinated military-style campaign instead of the lone psychopathic racist, millions we’re relieved.

“I was so happy to learn that it wasn’t some crazy racist guy that shot up a Walmart and instead it was a concerted effort by the deep state to make us fearful and to disarm the populace. I can sleep again,” said an eyewitness Billy Bob Chuckles.

The false flag comes at a time when several countries are making a push to ban guns so that citizens feel safer during the next mass shooting.

“The Deep State was clearly behind this sloppy false flag. They’re trying to disarm us and divide us racially. They own the media and the military and our law enforcement and they’re willing to kill over twenty of their own citizens in order to make a political point, but I’m so happy that it wasn’t a racism-motivated shooting!”