STUDY: Hydroxychloroquine 100% effective but causes horrifying imaginary side effects in celebrity wives

Our President had been pushing anything that can help patients with this virus. His question of, “What do you have to lose?” provoked many to criticize without knowing just how safe this medication has been for decades.

Now the good news. HCQ cures every disease known to mankind plus every type of cancer within 24 hours without any side effects. The bad news? Celebrity wives become hysterical about imaginary side effects after taking HCQ for COVID-19.

Tom Hanks‘s wife Rita Wilson complained that the drug saved her life but made her feel a little dizzy. Horrifying. I can’t imagine the suffering she went through. Guess we should all just sign up for Bill Gates’s forthcoming vaccine now!

The really bad news? Celebrity wives have joined together to promote cancer. No, not a cure. To promote cancer. Why? Because if one celebrity wife can lose her sh*t, how many more are vulnerable? What if hysteria spreads like the Wuhan virus? Are there enough Luxury Oceanside mental hospitals? Xanax? Toilet paper?

Celebrity wives have reached out asking for donations and support to rid this country of HCQ and hysteria. For just $19/mo. you can save a celebrity wife. Please go to and give ’till it hurts. Please, don’t let personal bankruptcy and unemployment stand in your way. Thank you and God Bless.