Zelenskyy to star in ‘Friends’ remake with all his new friends

KYIV—The actor-turned-president of Ukraine Volodomy Zelenskyy is on fire!

After securing billions of dollars in his money laundering scheme from the US, Zelenskyy has secured a multi-million-dollar contract to star in the new “Friends: The Ukraine War” remake along with Ben Stiller, US Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Richard Branson, and Boris Johnson.

“This has always been one of my dreams to star in Friends with such a great cast,” Zelenskyy said. “Now my dreams are coming true.”

Producers of the show say that nothing will change and they will just take clips from the staged scenes of people visiting Zelenskyy in the middle of the war.

“The new Friends will have that wonder sarcastic humor but it will be set in the midst of the Ukraine war with staged bombings everywhere,” Friends producer Eileen Dover said.

The production will cost over $100 billion and be paid for by US taxpayers.

Producers have guaranteed that actress Nancy Pelosi will get her pay in vodka.


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