Antifa releases new book: ‘Acceptable Fascism’ amid COVID-19 lockdowns

PORTLAND, OR — Antifa of America have released a new book entitled “Acceptable Fascism” amid increasing government restrictions based on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Members have also rallied around the country in opposition to protests demanding that governors open up their respective states.

The national group of anarcho-socialists have issued a press release stating that their goal is for the government that they think is fascist to control their lives more in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic: “Fascism is actually okay as long as it’s for our own good.”

“We think that those crazy people trying to go out into society and work to feed their kids are insane. We as anti-fascists demand more medical fascism to control the spread of the disease and keep us safe,” Portland Antifa leader Lance Schiffpants said.

The protestors all maintained their government-approved social distancing of six feet or more and wore face masks as per usual.

“We would wear the masks anyway since we’re cowards, but we are wearing them now because, while we would set fire to your house, we would never think of being so inconsiderate as to infect you with a disease that’s as dangerous as the flu!” Schiffpants said.

“But let’s be honest, we just want to sit at home and collect government checks indefinitely,” Schiffpants added.

The Antifa members are protesting for more quarantines and stricter medical regulation to protect them from COVID-19.


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