Biden explains what it means to be black

Ex-Vice President Joe Biden sat down with Millennial Science Magazine for their special ‘race issue’.

MS: Since you uttered what some consider the definition on being black ‘heard round the world’, a lens has been focused on whether ‘black’ may be just an ambiguous term.

VP Biden: It is more than it isn’t. C’mon man, ever since the ’70s, black has been about ‘soul’. We’ve all been to parties where the only people dancin’ are blacks. White people… I think it’s all in the hips, really.

MS: It was obvious that your concern is whether or not a black person should vote for a Democrat, Do you agree that it is in the best interest of black people to vote for you?

VP Biden: It’s almost time for the election. Some states are already voting. I’m going to vote in Delaware although I still haven’t made up my mind yet.

MS: On where you are going to vote?

VP Biden: On who I’m going to vote for… Obama or that Mormon guy. I like Mormons, you get to have more than one wife. How great is that? Now… that’s not black, right? Sometimes I wish I was black but my wife, Jill, says I don’t have the skill set.

MS: You set a criteria of having a woman running mate and then followed up further with her being black. Was her race always a concern of yours?

VP Biden: Who’s that? Are you talking about Hillary cause I don’t think she’s black. Her husband is though. He was the first black president before the other two. I saw a black woman in the Oval Office when I was… in the past. She was really tall too. A lot of blacks are. Maybe if you are short, you’re not black. That could be.

MS: In an interview with NPR, you were quoted as saying, “unlike the African American community, with notable exceptions, the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community.” Do you still feel that way?

VP Biden: That was just… I was in the car on the way to that reporter and some Senator from, I’m gonna say California maybe, called me, I don’t even know how she got my number and said that Tupac was at her house. Well, a lot of rap sounds the same to me and I was thinking about that when that reporter… I met Tupac once. I remember he was dancin’ and it was like magic spinning around and then he got mean and I told him to get out. I almost had a fight with him and some of his friends but I told him it wasn’t personal so he left. I still have really soft leg hair.

MS: Well, with that I’d like to thank you for sitting down with us sir and good luck in the election.

VP Biden: Okay, thank you and don’t forget to vote. You can do that at any mail box, now. Which way do I go? Where are the cookies, again? I still get cookies, right?


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