BREAKING: Walmart warns of critical shortage of tons of worthless plastic crap from China due to coronavirus

The retail superstore Walmart has issued a warning for all customers that they are experiencing a critical shortage of worthless plastic crap from China due to the coronavirus outbreak happening there.

Over 1900 have died from the outbreak and over 150,000,000 people were on lockdown, unable to go to work at their worthless plastic crap factories throughout the country.

As a result, China’s economy was likely running at just 40%-50% capacity last week, according to a Genesius Times Economic report issued yesterday. This puts much of Chinese exports—including the tons of worthless plastic crap that Walmart sells—at risk of running out.

“I stood in line for two hours for all my worthless plastic crap,” Jenny Wiggins of Little Rock said as she left her local Walmart. “I want to stock up in case they run out.”

A Walmart spokesperson said, “There really is no place else that can produce the vast amounts of worthless plastic crap that we rely on in America daily so we’re just going to have to endure the storm without so much worthless plastic crap until they clear up the outbreak.”


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