Democrats across nation hold candlelight vigils to pray for a really bad recession

Every day we are told our financial system is about to collapse, there will be at least 20 percent and maybe 50 percent unemployment, and a global depression is inevitable due to the coronavirus reaction. Please pass the strychnine.

No matter how much bad news we get there are a few voices on the Internet that rebel against such dire warnings. In essence, this entire panic is totally unnecessary, this whole thing is basically the flu and once the curve begins to flatten things will normalize. Slowly, unfortunately, because of the psychological damage and global panic.

This entire debacle seems way out of proportion to what seems to be the reality on the ground. Old sick people are going to die with COVID-19 just like they do with the flu. Period. Plus a few younger individuals with massive exposure or incompetent immune systems. Period. That’s it.

So what are Democrats doing these days to help? Uh, nothing. But wait, there’s more. Across this great nation of ours, in Democrat precincts, we see Liberals holding prayer vigils calling on God for total financial collapse.

Atheist Bill Maher hosted several prayer vigils and was heard praying to coronavirus: “Helps us COVID-19. You’re our only hope!”

Why? To get rid of Trump of course. Will they succeed? Nope. Simply because Trump is better at running the economy than any Democrat and so will be able to make that argument vigorously and successfully. And lest anyone forget, Conservatives have a few prayers of their own.


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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