Facebook, Twitter fact-checkers halt vicious lies that Hunter Biden is related to Joe Biden

US—Earlier this week video was released of Hunter Biden naked with a hooker complaining about Russians stealing his laptop for blackmail purposes.

It was alleged that this was somehow related to the US President* Joe Biden but Big Tech fact-check censors immediately dispelled that vicious lie by releasing a disclaimer that it is all a big hoax.

“We need to stop the spread of these vicious rumors that President Biden is somehow related to his deadbeat, crack-addict son Hunter Biden who sold influence to the White House to Ukraine and Chinese businesses. It is a horrible lie and must be censored at any cost,” Facebook Director of Truth Hans Goebbels said.

Hunter has meant continuous work for the censors as his behavior has somehow rubbed off on the elder Biden despite having no relationship to him.

“Most of our budget now is dedicated to stopping lies and rumors about President Biden. To suggest Joe would have such a degenerate son with pastimes like child pornography and illicit drug use as a family member is just beyond the pale. We need to put these lies to rest,” Goebbels said.

Most people have accepted the fact that Hunter Biden was corrupt as they come. Now, it’s just vital that tech companies make it clear he has nothing to do with Joe Biden.

“Hunter Biden? I don’t know who the hell you’re talking about, Jack. Who said that? No one has said we’re related or have anything to do with each other,” Joe Biden said while trying to find the White House with the help of Secret Service.

Goebbels has been appointed to Biden’s Ministry of Truth in response to such favorable work.


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