Hero priest saves defenseless cherub from heinous celestial trafficking ring

An administrator of sacraments by day, and an undercover agent at night, Father Nick Spencer wears a lot of hats. As an agent of the night, the calm and humble priest may have had his biggest payoff to date.

It all began when Father Nick received a tip about a celestial trafficking ring that was capturing, and selling, cute little cherubims on the black market. Many organized crime syndicates were involved, but the most egregious exploitation–according to what I was able to dig up on the night scene–of these angelic little cherubs involved the Yakuza.

This particular syndicate would drain these pudgy little angels of their ethereal material using standard phlebotomy techniques, and sell it as a euphoric inducing substance like the designer drug ecstasy. Father Nick caught wind of Yakuza mobsters trafficking these winged baby-like creatures through an underground network of electric trams, and went into action.

Father Nick was just in time, as he broke into one of the Yakuza electric trams, and saved the angelic creature pictured above. Even more amazing, the busy priest was able to complete the mission and still make it back to his local church in time for morning Mass.

Some heroes wear military gear while others don a badge and a glock. Other heroes climb into fiery buildings where they save innocent women and children from certain doom, but then there are some that transcend all categories of heroism. They simply administer grace inducing sacraments by day, and save cute little angels by night. Father Nick is the rare kind of transcendental hero.