Heroes who kill babies for money condemn people for risking others’ lives to reopen economy

In these trying times, Democrats need a hero. The Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden appears to be a senile rapists who wouldn’t be able to handle a debate against Donald Trump‘s Hair. The Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi appears to be a frozen version of Marie Antoinette as she blocks stimulus money while eating Orange Man Bad Sherbet from her $24,000 freezer. In red states, it’s even worse. Tennessee Democrats had to kick a member of their own party off the primary ballot after he appears to have left the plantation. A lifelong Democrat Georgia State Rep. issued his support for #DonaldTrump. Then there’s Arkansas.

The birthplace of the Bill and Hillary Dynasty has had several Democrat defections. United States Senator Tom Cotton with the help of a conservative activist couple, was somehow able to sabotage Arkansas Democrat Party vetting process and allowed jobless Josh Mahoney to be the democrat candidate against him. It’s also likely that Democrats will lose more positions on a county and city level. However, democrats in Arkansas have hope….they have heroes.

One is Federal Judge Kristine Baker who forced the abortion clinic at 4 Office Park Drive to remain open while dentist offices, cancer screening clinics, and other non-essential medical facilities are closed. She even wrote the new clinic’s slogan, “Stay Home. Save Lives. Unless You Want to Kill Your Baby.”

But the Superhero of them all is Mr. Karen Covid19 Mary Sanger (Gender fluid name). The Abortion Clinic Security Guard has earned the name Mr. Karen for snitching on a black pastor using a bullhorn and violating a supposed Little Rock City noise ordinance. The threat to shutdown the pro-life pastor turned out to be a fake one, but nobody should care about fake police orders.

Typhoid Mary helped spread a disease during the 1900s, our superhero opened the door for out of state folks to a medical facility with no gloves and a surgical mask. He later blessed the entrance to the unneeded facility with some second hand cigarette smoke, which required a pulling down of said mask.

Of course Mr. Sanger’s most heroic feat is assisting in Margaret Sanger’s extermination of minorities via abortion for money all the while condemning people for risking other people’s lives to reopen the economy. It takes an absolutely astounding level of mental fortitude to withstand that kind of cognitive dissonance. Kudos Mr. Sanger!

Our hero, with the help of local police officials, Judicial Activism, feckless state government, and an apathetic Bible Belt will still be able to assist in the death of the future of the USA, spiritually and literally.


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