Tony Award nominee ‘Miss Wuhan, A Love Story Gone Viral’ up for Best Pandemic from a Communist Country

Who hasn’t seen Miss Saigon? Based on the classic Puccini opera, Madame Butterfly, Miss Saigon tells the deeply romantic story of an American Lieutenant and Geisha Girl.

Miss Wuhan, A Love Story Gone Viral is the modern rendition taking the world by storm. The story of a young love-starved Wuhan Institute of Virology lab technician, Mi So Horny, who falls deeply in love with a virus named COVID. Every night when the lab shuts down we see her serenading the test tube in which her lover lives.

At first those bright red receptors on its surface caught her eye. But as she watched it procreate, multiply and regenerate, she became entranced by it’s virility. Every time she tried to pull away from her secret microscope she would hear COVID cry her name over and over again. A love song no mortal woman could resist.

As with all tragic heroines, she sneaks the test tube out from the lab and mistakenly leaves it in the Wet Market right next to the stand selling chocolate chip bat sundaes.

As she returns to her lab she discovers her lover is gone. After repeatedly searching in vain, crestfallen, weeping uncontrollably, the final scene shows the test tube rolling off a tabletop and crashing to the floor, COVID unleashed to ‘fall in love’ again and again.

The Tony Award people have already given this a double thumbs up. Tickets go on sale in Chinatown sometime this fall but since New York will not be opening any time soon, we anticipate some delays.