Anticipating SCOTUS riots: Trump calls up clone army

Fearing Democrats will make good on their threats and burn down America if he so much as whispers a nomination for the vaccant Supreme Court position left open by Ruth Bader Ginsburg, President Trump has called up a clone army to protect the citizens.

“Unlike the real Army, my clones would not be prohibited from operating within our hallowed borders and should be effective against Antifa or pretty much any commie-pinkos or BLMers. If this works out, I will order more of them to fight the Kung Flu and help out with traffic which is so bad here in D.C. I can’t even tell you. Even Joe Biden knows what I’m talking about.”

The US Clone Army will be a department of the US Space Force, which was launched earlier this year to the horror of leftists around the globe.

When asked if they would be available by the election he added, “I will mobilize Ford and GM and see if we can get it done by then. Also, they will all be genderless, so the Dems should add another letter onto the LGBT sandwich. I’ve asked Melania to pick out the uniform colors because I want cool ones like the Space Force got. She’s so good with that kind of stuff.”


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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