Biden to end racism by exclusively imprisoning white people minding their own business

Let’s face it, Stop and Frisk is a hot-button issue rife with racial overtones. And Joe Biden has always supported Bloomberg with “throw ’em against the wall, copy the picture of a young Black or Latino male and send it around and you’ll see whose committing all the crime, and cities need to get the guns out of the hands of individuals who are male, minority, and between the ages of 15 and 25.

What about him claiming Black and Latino men ‘don’t know how to behave in the workplace’? How ’bout ‘we put all the cops in the minority neighborhoods because that’s where all the crime is”?

Then there was the Muslim Spying Program that went onto and through college campuses to monitor the activities of Muslim students by either direct surveillance or via the Internet. Joe loved ’em.

And so today, in order to make up for all his support of past racist comments, a new Biden emerges. “I’ve made some mistakes and learned from them.”

And so he has. As of midnight tonight, should he have the honor of being elected President, he promises end racism by exclusively targeting and imprison white people totally minding their own business. This program is sure to get him back in the good graces of people of color and we here at GT wish him all the success he wishes himself.