China finds innovative way to kill dissidents disguised as coronavirus patients in collapsable hotels

It seems China is always in the news these days. The trade wars, supply chain exclusivity, their alleged coming collapse, lack of transparency, debt to GDP that may be as high as 3X, WTO cheating scandals, etc.

The MSM consistently tells us how the Chinese government is about to take over the world and make America irrelevant both on the world stage and in financial arenas. Our President has been on their case for at least 20 years and brought that skepticism with him as he took office.

We already know China is famous for producing low-quality goods and flooding our markets with cheap knock-offs.

But it seems China has ventured into a place not yet explored by us. They have invented and built ‘Collapsable Hotels’. Housed in these Avant-guard facilities are dissidents and coronavirus patients. A perfect marriage.

To date, it looks like they have perfected a way to collapse the hotels but not yet a way to re-inflate them. Why just yesterday they were able to collapse the Xinjia Express Hotel in Quanzhou. Teams of ‘re-inflationists’ have been called in and so far have been unsuccessful. This may well be one time when we can import their ideas and technology to make America even greater. However, so far, Collapsable Hotels have not captured much interest here. As this is a developing story, please check back.