Biden to shift funds from police to new ‘Sweet Heat’ CAT (Corps of Armed Trans) Force


SCORES GENETLEMEN’S CLUB, NEWARK, DE–President-elect Joe Biden has promised that he will defund police in his first 100 days and shift funds to a new police force with excellent-smelling hair.

Biden explained, “We are gonna defund the police and then have an all-woman, hot momma Cat Force of guys who used to be guys but now they’re just really strong woman and then when they make arrests the perp might even get a lap dance while the cuffs are put on.

“I’ll never forget, my dad always use to say, ‘Joey, the cat got your tongue?’ and I would always tell him we didn’t have a cat, except when we did have a cat but I’m sure if he were here now he would say something great about my cats. Anyways, here’s the deal… Trump made a Space Force, so, who cares, I don’t… so I made a force too, and they are gonna be the ‘Sweet Heat’. I made that up myself… and, they are gonna shoot people in the leg, because when they go high, we go low. This is gonna be great!.”