BREAKING: Biden to end white supremacy once he’s the supreme leader of the country

2020 Democratic front-runner Joe Biden asserted that “white folks are the reason we have institutional racism” and that such things “will not be tolerated” if he is elected president.

“When I’m elected to the supreme leadership post of this country, I will outlaw white supremacy.”

Speaking to a small group of reporters for more than an hour Tuesday, Biden said, “Only an old white guy like me is capable of handling all the power of the Oval Office in order to end white supremacy.”

He also said that institutional racism is a “white man’s problem visited on people of color” and that President Trump has made it worse. Biden stressed the importance of defeating Trump and ensuring he is held responsible for having deepened the nation’s racial rift.

Biden also boasted of his own record and his support among black voters, and pledged to campaign hard among the black community and in predominantly black institutions.


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