Genesius Times tops Politifact’s 2020 Fake News Awards

Genesius Times acquired Politifact’s 2020 ‘Fake News Awards nominees list and guess who was NO. 1. WE WERE! We are stoked, honored and newly motivated. The awards are taped about a week before the televised show on the ScFi channel on November 1m 8:00 p.m. Eastern.

Our staff has been scrambling all morning, figuring out what to wear and who is going to the ceremony. Word has it that Dennis Miller is going to host so get ready for some great rants. You might remember him from SNL’s Weekend Update as well as being the best stand up comedian since Just Gravy. Yeah, the guy’s name is Just Gravy.

Our managing editor, we call him ‘Chief’ (like Jimmy Olsen called Perry White) is busy putting up a shelf behind his desk for the award. No, we haven’t won yet, that is supposed to be a surprise but what the hell, we are listed in first place so far. We should probably look again to make sure it wasn’t alphabetical.

If you are one of our loyal readers, and if you are reading this you just might be, please share this article far and wide to let your friends know we are one of the industry leaders in Fake News and satire. Our goal is to provide at least an average of 2.3 chuckles and .7 BOL (burst out laughing) per SS, Satire-Strike. If you tune into the awards ceremony, we’ll be the guys with a purple flower in our nose. For all of the little people (no, not short people, small people. No, not small people, never mind) who stabbed us in the back all these years and never laughed at our jokes or read any of our short stories – “We told you so you *^#@**s

An interesting side note: It appears Politifact has put itself on the list. This confuses us, like… are we being pranked? Are they pranking themselves? Are they getting us to prank our readers? Wow, they’re pretty clever over there, aren’t they… or, are WE clever?

Others on the list are The Babylon Bee, The Huffington Post, and of course, CNN.


"Excuse me, has this joke been fact-checked?"

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