New Cheetos face mask lets wearer stay healthy while munching on a fried cheezy snack all day

PLANO, TX — Chester Cheetah has introduced a new COVID-inspired face mask, resembling a cheetah muzzle, designed to help the wearer stay healthy while enjoying a cheezy fried snack from the hidden Cheetos feed bag.

“We want people to hashtag stay healthy,” a spokesman for Chester Cheetah said at a press conference announcing the new product.

“That’s why we designed this face mask so the customer can keep all those unhealthy pathogens out of his or her system while constantly chowing down on our delicious crunchy snacks.”

Health departments across the country are looking to mandate the new mask as a way to get people to follow their mandates. Los Angeles Health Department is considering replacing their free face masks with crack pipe holes with these new Cheetos face masks.

“We don’t suggest filling it with CHEETOS® Crunchy XXTRA FLAMIN’ HOT® Cheese Flavored Snacks,” lawyers for the company added.

Early health data show that areas where the masks have been used are seeing a reduction in COVID cases and an increase in general gluttony.