Newsom reassures public that the church of the state is still open during lockdown

On Friday, President Trump deemed houses of worship “essential” while California and other states keep in-person services closed due to the ongoing threat of coronavirus.

However, Governor Gavin Newsom has reassured Californians that the church of the state will remain open during the prolonged lockdown and people will be free to congregate to worship him and the false idol of the government.

“If people want to worship, they are more than welcome to come worship at the cult of the state,” Newsom said amid a crowd of droning people with face masks on and hands waving in the air.

“We have never closed our worship centers and you have never been denied your right to sacrifice your children at the altar of convenience.”

Newsom was referring to the abortion facilities that have remained open during the lockdown as essential services.

At one point, Newsom raised a large golden bear for the adherents to bow to.

“We never said that you can’t worship,” Newsom clarified, “just that you need to worship in a specific way. We never violated your First Amendment right to free exercise of religion, just the free exercise of religions other than the cult of the state.”

State worship facilities have been at capacity for weeks following the stay-at-home order issued by Newsom at the beginning of the pandemic.