New York declares State of Emergency because it’s filled with New Yorkers

Coronavirus has the world on edge, markets roiled, oil crashing, and toilet paper selling for $50/roll. GT has plenty on hand so we could be convinced to let few rolls go at that price. But anyway. New York Gov. Cuomo has declared a Health Emergency with C-virus cases closing in on 100, most in Westchester County.

Luckily, and unusual for a Democrat, Cuomo did call for calm. “You know what’s worse than the virus — the anxiety,” noting that most patients would suffer mild or no symptoms. He’s right, which can happen from time to time.

Even though most New Yorkers will suffer through this unscathed, they will, for the most part, still be insufferable. The stereotypical ‘Ugly American’, road rage, NY accent, hand gestures from hell, rushing everywhere, attitude; fuhgedaboudit.

This Emergency Declaration is long overdue. COVID-19 is only the tip of the iceberg. NY should always be in a state of emergency because of New Yorkers. Period. There are 8.6 million crazy people there already. Who needs a virus to make them crazier? Not anybody we know.