Top Genesius Times Stories from 2021


Despite the censorship by Fascbook and Twatter, a gajillion people delighted in Genesius Times articles in 2021! Here are the top satire stories that are truer than “news” from the year:

13. Collector who wants to buy Hunter Biden’s piece of sh*t for $500k wants to remain anonymous

12. AOC: If socialism doesn’t work, why are all my socialist friends in DC multi-millionaires?

11. BREAKING: US military to accept people who identify as good soldiers but are biologically no-skill fat slobs

10. Biden awards AOC the Purple Heart for her bravery in the War of January 6th

9. Fauci now recommends face masks over your eyes so you can’t read his leaked emails

8. BREAKING: George Floyd celebrates 1 year of sobriety

7. CNN: Fauci’s dog torture experiments were mostly peaceful

6. BREAKING: Kyle Rittenhouse Found Guilty of Murdering Prosecutor’s Career

5. BREAKING: FBI has evidence of Matt Gaetz engaging in sex trafficking and illicit drugs with minors

4. US facing ‘massive shortage’ of conspiracy theories as all of them have come true

3. BREAKING: Biden denies hacking of ‘most secure gas pipeline ever’

2. BREAKING: Haitian President Jovenel Moïse to expose Clinton Foundation fraud tomorrow

1. Dems shocked to find their lives still suck after Trump is no longer president